Camille Meisner (b.1995) is a French artist based in London with a main interest in photography and video. She grew up in Paris around artistic people such as her uncle who was a french composer and play writer. 

Her interest in street photography goes back to when she was a child, inspired by her father's love of photography, she still has a passion for it and creates photography series wherever she has lived or traveled, interested by architecture, colors and the random passerby or comical sceneries.


She has a background in philosophy studies, in cinema and graphic design which she studied at The University of Los Angeles in California. She then studied fine art and art history in Prep’ART in Paris which is where she developed a professional interest in photography. Then she pursued fine art photography in Camberwell College of Arts at UAL.


Studying cinema has enabled her to develop a cinematic style in her photographic work and influenced the way she uses light to create an architectural space. She takes her inspiration by studying the cinematic work of photographers such as Gregory Crewdson who creates big scale cinematic photographs but also painters such as Edward Hopper who creates very narrative paintings which shows in her street photography as well as in her video work. 


Her work is also influenced by her background in philosophical studies. She focuses on philosophical concepts such as reality and how it is perceived by herself and others but also, the uncanny, the truth, the passage of time and the place of the artist and the relationship between the art piece and the viewer. She wrote her dissertation about the influence of surrealism on cinema with this idea in mind. She is also inspired by filmmaker David Lynch because of the philosophical nature of his films and the questions he poses on reality, the truth, the uncanny and surrealism which leaves the viewer with open ended questions. 

Aesthetically her work is influenced by the artistic movement of the Surrealists which focuses on philosophy and reality. 

She likes to create mixed medium pieces and has an interest in moving images and video collages which is inspired by her love of film and surrealism where she reuses old street photography and creates surrealist collages mixed with videos such as her project The Surreal Sea. 

She has a particular interest in the status of women in society and is inspired by women’s experiences around her as well as her own.  It shows in projects such as Mare Nostrum which centers around her grandmother's experience who was imprisoned as a “Resistant” during world war II. Her work is influenced by Hannah Starkey whose work creates a different level of engagement with women and their place in society not viewed by the male gaze. Her work creates a safe space for women with no judgement or scrutiny.

During the lockdown she developed The Lockdown Project which focuses on her own experience as an artist jeopardized by the pandemic stress and the dystopian and surrealistic aspects created by the pandemic.

Artist CV


2018 - present : BA (HONS) Photography Fine Art, Camberwell College of Art, UAL

2017-2018 : Art Foundation, Prép’Art Paris, France

2013-2016 : UCLA ex Certificate in Entertainment, United States

*Specialising in pre-production, production and post-production, cinematography, drawing for communication and design.



2021 : Mycelium Collective, Online Exhibition

2020 : Sonder, Don’t Panic, Southwark Park Galleries (Lake Gallery), London

2019 : Les sentiers de la solitude, A to B gallery, Camberwell College of Art

2018 : Students Exhibition, Prép’Art, France



2011 : TBWA advertising - Creative and Design office